Conference: Find Out What’s Happening in Iraqi Business网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

From Peace to prosperity: The Conference to find out what’s happening for Iraq business. The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) Autumn Conference in Dubai on December 8th is set against a backdrop of relative peace and security in Iraq, and the prospect of oil revenues surging through the economy is driving a wider range of […]

KRG PM Barzani receives UK Trade Envoy网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has received a delegation from the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) headed by its chairman and the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, Baroness Emma Nicholson. The two officials discussed strengthening bilateral trade relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister […]

Damen delivers Tugs for Iraqi Ports通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

On 20th October, a handover ceremony was held at Albwardy Damen, in Sharjah, UAE, marking Damen’s delivery of thirteen tugs to Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping. The tugs will be operated at various offshore terminals in Iraq, in a joint cooperation between Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping and General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI). The contract for […]

Human Rights Violations Ongoing, says UN Report网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载手机版

UNAMI has found that serious human rights violations and abuses continued to occur during the second wave of demonstrations that started in Iraq on 25 October. A second report, prepared by the UNAMI Human Rights Office, was published today [5th November]. It follows an earlier special report which covered the 1-9 October protests and was […]

Arrests for Voicing Protest Solidarity通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

By John Lee. Authorities in Anbar governorate are suppressing the right of residents to show support for demonstrations elsewhere in the country, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said. In recent days, they have arrested two men for merely posting messages of solidarity on Facebook, questioned a third, and sent a fourth into hiding. More here. […]

Power Grids of Iran, Syria to Be Connected via Iraq网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

Power Grids of Iran, Syria to Be Connected via Iraq: Minister Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said his ministry plans to connect the country’s national grid to Syria through Iraq as Tehran and Damascus signed a preliminary agreement in this regard. Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) […]

Oil Exports Down in October网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载手机版

By John Lee. Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has announced preliminary oil exports for October of 106,859,470 barrels, giving an average for the month of 3.447 million barrels per day (bpd), down from the 3.576 million bpd exported in September. These exports from the oilfields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 103,540,855 barrels, while exports […]

ShaMaran Exceeds 20,000,000 Barrels at Atrush网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载手机版

ShaMaran Petroleum has reported that the Atrush oil field total production has exceeded 20,000,000 barrels. ShaMaran President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Adel Chaouch said: “This cumulative production milestone demonstrates Atrush’s upward path to higher production and has been attained ahead of target.  We look forward to further future production achievements and operational improvements in […]

US calls for Lifting of Restrictions on Iraqi Press通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

Press Statement by US Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo (pictured), on the situation in Iraq: The United States welcomes any serious efforts made by the Government of Iraq to address the ongoing problems in Iraqi society. The Government of Iraq should listen to the legitimate demands made by the Iraqi people who have taken […]

Iraq’s Govt “Cannot Reform Itself”网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

By Samir Sumaidaie (former Iraqi ambassador to the US and Iraqi Interior Minister), for the Atlantic Council. In Washington, some believe that despite the protests in Iraq that began in early October and continue apace, the current Iraqi government should be supported and given help as it responds to the just demands of the protesters. […]

Dangers persist as Iraqi Border Crossing Opens网上通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

By Shelly Kittleson for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.  Dangers persist as Iraqi border crossing opens and IDPs return US troops started pulling out of northeastern Syrian territory held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in late October prior to […]

UNHCR Expanding Response in Northern Iraq850通比牛牛游戏大厅下载

By John Lee. UNHCR expanding response in northern Iraq amid continuing Syrian refugee influx More than 12,000 Syrian refugees have sought shelter in neighbouring Iraq since the latest influx began a fortnight ago, according to teams from UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. The refugee population at recently opened Bardarash camp has exceeded 11,000 people and […]